About JNG International

Riway Singapore

JNG集團代理组织是新加坡力匯國際公司旗下的最庞大的90後年輕组织,是一家集合了许多精英界最高荣誉精英領隊(Team Elites)精英会员的组织。




JNG started in 2016 with only two business partners. We grew to our current 1000 agents and headquartered in Singapore till now. In 2015, we setup our International group system known as the 6Ps system, we are fully supported by this functional and structural system internally, we provide an energized environment and unlimited space for growth. We are the fastest growing youngest group with 11million SGD new business, a new record in the industry till date. We commit to assist and encourage every individual in our agency to attain a better life.

JNG from its inception till now has pledged to live by our core values consisting of sincerity, enthusiasm and commitment, in assisting our clients and their families in achieving their financial goals. We utilize our professional experience in attending to their needs.

Most importantly is to continuously spearheading in the direct selling industry which attributes to the effort of the entire JNG’s team. Our untiring effort in ensuring growth and breakthroughs pave the way in the discovering of unlimited potential to the further. Our sincerest gratitude to our clients for their relentless support and trust. JNG is definitely your most reliable and direct selling group!

JNG International Founder

Jayden Ng

JNG國際代理集團創辦人兼首席執行長黃建瑋先生(Mr Jayden Ng)出生于新加坡,雖然只有南洋理工學院Diploma in Engineering文憑,但天生具有生意頭腦的他一開始便選擇創業,一路跌跌撞撞讓他闖出了一片天。他與生俱來的創業思維,讓他即使曾經在27歲在台灣投資失利欠下20萬新幣債款,但他並沒有落跑,反而身兼五份工作努力還債,沉著地等待翻身的機會。

2015年,由黃建瑋領軍的JNG國際集團正式成立,JNG這三個字母代表著 “JAYDEN N GARY GROUP” ,是一家充滿年輕活力與動力的領導組織。JNG從三年前的2位創辦人增加至今150人,期間培育出超過10位國際精英領隊(Team Elites)。2017年組織業績突破新幣一千萬FYP,打破新加坡直銷界歷唯一做到90後團隊的年記錄,黃建瑋以不到27歲的年輕資歷,在2017年9月份拿下全世界最年輕飛馬領隊。值得一提的是,他是組織及個人銷售一起做,以致他能以驚人的毅力和耐力,個人在2015年成為25歲最年輕的孔雀領隊、2016年成為26歲最年輕的鳳凰領隊!他認為事情沒有最好,只有更好。

Mr Jayden Ng, founder and chief executive officer of JNG Group, was born in Singapore. Although he is only a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering school graduate, he has a talented business mind. He started some businesses at a young age due to his entrepreneurial nature. Unfortunately, he was faced with debts of more than SGD200,000. However, he did not run away from his problems but worked 5 jobs a day to pay off his debts.

over the past 3 years and has produced more than 10 Team Elites Achievers. In 2017, JNG achieved a breakthrough of SGD 11 million FYP, breaking the Singapore 90s direct selling individual group industry calendar year record, Mr Jayden Ng at that time below 27 years old became the Youngest Team Elite Pegasus (Million Dollar Achievers). Due to his hard work and unwavering endurance, he has personally achieved the Youngest Team Elite Pavo at the age of 25 in 2015 and Youngest Team Elite Phoenix at the age of 26 in 2016 ! He thinks things are not the best, but can always be better.